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Naughty Dog teases that The Last Of Us 3 will (eventually) happen

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Image: Naughty Dog/PlayStation

The Last of Us is one of PlayStation’s biggest properties, and its odds of continuing have grown with each remasterThe current ongoing HBO adaptation. Unsurprisingly, a third game is planned to come out at some point—just don’t expect it within the next few years.

Developer Naughty Dog has released its new game. Grounded 2 Documentary ahead of the weekend that goes into all the development (and The following are the results of the) of 2020’s The Last of Us Part II. Towards the end of it, co-director Neil Druckmann said he’s got a concept for a Part 3 in his head, and that there’s “probably one more chapteer to this story.” Simultaneously, he argued that Part II The game could be a fitting conclusion to the series as it gives a final look at the love that was shown in the original 2013.

“The great thing about working at Naughty Dog is that we don’t have to,” explained Druckmann, who added that something else may strike the studio’s fancy. He’s previously been evasive on the chances of a third game, but said it wasn’t until recently that he found an idea that’s “exciting as [Part I and II], is its own thing, and yet has this throughline for all three.”

Naughty Dog cancelled its long-in-development game in late last year Spin-offs of multiplayer gamesYou can also find out more about the following: The Last of Us It could therefore stick to being a studio that only produces single-player games. According to ForbesThe developer is now working with an alleged sci-fi gameFirst heard in 2021. Naughty Dog already said it’s working on There are several projects that you can choose from.(possibly a fantasy title. It may take some time to get the full reveal. The Last of Us Part III The wait between the two games was seven long years. Triple-A games also took that long. As much as) as they do to make, it’s said project may not come until the next new PlayStation console. This may not be until the next PlayStation console. 2028If not 2030 or 2029, then.

In the meantime, you may want to satiate your appetite. Last of Us The live-action Max series (and its second, presumably upcoming season) as well as the first two PlayStation 5 titles are all that is needed.

[via IGN]

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