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Living Room Decor Ideas for 2024 to Refresh Your Space

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In most homes, the Living roomHome base for all that is cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. Whether you’re curled up with a Good bookEnjoying a MovieWith family or friends, the living area is the ideal place to express your personality. interior design style. But sometimes it’s time to mix things up, and when the time comes we’re often searching for inspiration and guidance. With the start of a new year, we asked designers to share their most popular living room design ideas for 2024.

Whether you’re looking to make a few little tweaks here and there or want to revamp the whole thing, our experts Lauren Sullivan of Well x DesignLaura Williams ATX Interior DesignLauren Williamson Cedar & Oak shared the living room decor ideas they’re excited to see come to fruition in 2024. If you’re ready to transform your living room and refresh your space in the new year—read on.

Image above: Hayley Pannekoecke’s beachy home tour

The Best Living room Decor Ideas for 2024

2024’s biggest trends are a stark contrast from the minimalist designs we saw in 2023. Our designers’ observations and my own trend research make it clear that this year is all about establishing a When incorporating accent colours and signature pieces. While some of the previous year’s trends, such as curved edges, are here to stay, newer aesthetics like dark colors and cool metal tones have recently entered the design sphere in a subtle yet show-stopping way.

Why change? Consider your living room a place of inspiration and comfort. It’s a place where the best ideas make their appearance in a less-intimate environment than the bedroom. Living room decor speaks to stylistic choices made from a place of comfort that simultaneously reflects the energy you’re drawn to wake up to each morning. In order to achieve this, we love incorporating trends into your living space without completely changing its vibes.

It’s always tempting to re-vamp a space you use often, but our designers point out that the living room ideas for 2024 are easily incorporated with subtle changes. However you’re looking to switch up your space in the year to come, there’s bound to be a trend for you.

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Deep, Moody & Dramatic

Williamson says we can anticipate the “resurgence of moody, modern styles in 2024.” This, she notes, includes deeper, more dramatic colors in our spaces. If it’s time to tone down the brightness in your living room decor, but don’t feel inspired for a complete demo, try incorporating some standing light fixtures or dark wooden accent furniture that complement lighter walls.

Williamson is incorporating dramatic marbles and heavy textures to be “mixed with vintage pieces and natural materials to effortlessly blend timeless selections with what is making a comeback.”

curved chair woven_living room decor ideas

Seating with Curved Layers and Layers

“Curved seating doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon—whether a curved sofa, a chair with a rounded back, or an ottoman with softly-shaped bun feet,” says Sullivan. Williamson says that layered seating is also a buzzword in the living room, with the goal of adding comfort and appeal to the area.

“We’re looking specifically for a range of high-back chairs, medium-back couches, and low ottomans, adding interest to your eye, as well as offering plenty of places to sit.”

Modern living room decor ideas.

The moodiness of 2024 decor doesn’t always come from color alone. Sullivan says that cool metals could be the next big thing to complement Art Deco. She adds, “Art Deco interiors are having a moment as well as cooler metals. I think we’ll continue to see these elements making their way into living spaces by way of paneled walls, stainless steel materials, and moody lighting.”

Vintage Pieces with Modern Lines

“Out with the old and in with the new” isn’t exactly this year’s vibe when it comes to living room decor. Williams says that we can anticipate a pairing of old and new in this year’s most popular design trends. “Combining the use of vintage pieces with modern lines has become more and more prevalent recently and I foresee 2024 being full of living rooms mixing the old with the new.”

Accent pieces such as chairs, mirrors, and lamp fixtures will be complemented by modern furniture and styles.

Joshua Tree bedroom.

Mix & Match Textiles

In 2024 we might see a shift towards patterns and colors. “Mixing and matching patterns and colors within different textiles is a huge trend right now. For instance, a blanket with checkered print, a rug with stripes & woven Roman shades. It adds visual interest to the space and gives an at-home feeling,” says Sullivan.

Williamson endorses this idea, adding that layering is also reflected in textiles used within the room such as curtains and throw pillows. Switch your monochromatic colors to complementary ones to add some variety.

camille styles living room bookshelf

All the Wood Tones

Sullivan says wood-inspired details could be the change you need in your living room for 2024. “I think we’re going to see a lot of mid-to-darker wood tones this year. Think accent chairs and coffee tables in darker tones—and mixing wood tones in general.” Williamson also notes that deep wood stains are highly sought-after in pursuit of a more moody and cool-toned space.

Bright, white living room decor ideas.

Texture Variety

“In general, color/pattern are also standing out not only in decor but on the construction side of things as well! We’re looking at incorporating wallpapers, reassessing our cabinet finishes—think glossy vs. matte we’ve seen the last handful of years—and colored or patterned tile, as well as textured wall finishes like Venetian Plaster,” says Williamson.

Although these large textural changes are sure to transform your living space, adding smaller changes like woven rugs or pillows may be easier.


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